Teachers and Staff

Surreybrook School teachers are unique individuals who have a profound love and respect for both the young child and for nature. Nature-based early childhood education asks a great deal of its teachers. While fostering meaningful relationship with each child based on caring and understanding, they must also deliver a strong, creative curriculum while rising to the physical challenges of outdoor work and play in all types
of weather. Joy in their work comes from a deep commitment to fostering the child’s love of the natural world and to seeing them reach their full potential in all domains of development.


At Surreybrook School, we have a low teacher to student ratio. This reflects our focus on safety and the quality and quantity of personal attention each child receives. Each class has a head teacher, who is ultimately responsible for the administration of the curriculum and for communication with the parents. All of our teachers are available to parents for discussion pertaining to their child and to address any concerns.


Our program provides an exceptional and innovative curriculum.  Teaching methods and strategies, materials and experiences are designed to fulfill the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards in a natural and playful way.


Our Director, Cheryl Kane, provides ongoing assessments and support of our staff.  This ensures that our lesson plans and curriculum keep current with best practices in early childhood and reflect the changing needs and requirements of the communities we serve.  Our assessment program was developed using the Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework, Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards as well as Bethany Board of Education and NAEYC guidelines.