Our Philosophy

The early years of care are vital to a child’s development. At the heart
of a quality child care program is a carefully designed, developmentally appropriate environment which provides children with a balance of rhythm, structure, and freedom. An early childhood curriculum should encourage the development of critical thinking skills in an environment
of kindness, tolerance, cooperation and acceptance. Our program
provides an exceptional and innovative curriculum. Teaching methods
and strategies, materials and experiences are grounded in the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) principles of
child development, including age and individual appropriateness. Our Education Coordinator provides ongoing assessments and support of
our staff. This ensures that our lesson plans and curriculum keep
current with best practices in early childhood and reflect the changing needs and requirements of the communities we serve. Our assessment
program was developed using the Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework as well as Bethany Board of Education and
NAEYC guidelines.